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Thru March 15, 2021:

• Buy a Grounding & Motivation Bundle... Get 2FREE Brain Stabilization Wristbands

• Buy a Brain Stabilization Bundle.... Get 2FREE Grounding & Motivation Wristbands

[Colors of FREE Wristbands may vary]


The STAR Bundle is designed to deliver an assortment of healing levels.

There are TWO Code Bundles to choose from...

1] Grounding & Motivation 


2] Brain Stabilization.


So WHAT's the Difference between these two codes?
Grounding & Motivation [77889903] has proven, time and time again, to be effective in promoting grounding, calm, and focused intention.

  • I have athletic clients who cannot explain why they perform better while wearing the Grounding & Motivation Wristband.
  • I’ve had reports from moms that their kids become calm and focused while wearing this wristband.
  • I have clients who swear that wearing 77889903 kept them from suffering hangovers, which, for them, were ‘the norm’.
  • And, while I have no scientific data to prove this, I have clients, suffering from a number of mental and psychological disorders, who claim this Wristband has helped them feel more ‘normal’.
  • I myself have always felt an immediate calm, and amplified grounding while wearing 'Grounding & Motivation', as well as unbridled focus, motivation, and amplification of my creativity.
  • And the Black wristbands, especially, are like energy Draino.


The Brain Stabilization Code [778899003 - notice the double zero] was originally brought through by Lloyd Mear to balance all bodily functions, and increase brainpower by up to 3%. Lloyd used it successfully to bring his wife, Phyllis, back from a major stroke in a single day with no lasting effects.

When I wear the Brain Stabilization wristband I notice a tingling in my head, as well as an increased ability to problem solve.


Did You Know????  CODES shift with each color of Wristband.

• BLACK is the punchy, fast-acting Wristband.... like energy Draiino.

• WHITE is a very gentle and cozy Wristband

• SILVER is slickery, and promotes an even constant flow

• GOLD opens the crown charka, and cranks up your creativity and productivity.


Just mix and match, FROM EITHER BUNDLE, as your healing needs shift... and you can wear more than one at a time.


If purchased separately these 6 wristbands would cost $71.70.

[These Bundles also include 4 Color Codes, 4 Color Attributes Codes , as well as the Bundle's Code emblazed inside the Wristband]


Each COLOR infuses ITS frequency to meld seamlessly and powerfully with each code.

These Silicone Wristbands carry the power of the Grounding & Motivation 77889903 OR Brain Stabilization Code 778899003 on the inside of the band where it can be delivered directly to your body without even thinking about it.


Grounding & Motivation Promotes  GROUNDING, CALM, and FOCUSED INTENTION... all necessary for anyone who strives to be a competent creator, or just feel more grounded in these uncertain times.


Brain Stabilization Amplifies your ability to FOCUS, and Balances/ Synchronizes your body's natural functions. According to Lloyd Mear, dowser of the Energy Balancing by Numbers Codes, "The brain stabilize number 778899003 will activate and utilize about 3% more in your brains. Most of us use about 12% of our brain, and if you use this number, you may find that you are using about 15%." I think we can all use more brain power.



The printing on this silicone wristband is de-bossed... meaning the inside & outside designs are recessed for maximum comfort, and are extremely subtle.  Wear it in the shower, to the gym, even while you sleep. And unlike other popular health bands, this CodeAlchemy™ Wristband emits NO HARMFUL ELECTRICAL current. Its gentle power comes from the energy carried by the numeric code.



Outside Debossing = CodeAlchemy     yourenergyrx.com


Inside Debossing is your selected Code... either Grounding&Motivation 77889903 or Brain Stabilization 778899003.


*** NOTE: • Free Shipping to the US and Puerto Rico

                 • International Shipping calculated at checkout






$59.00 Regular Price
$53.10Sale Price
Select Bundle
  • The STAR Bundle - Includes 6 Bands:  2 Black bands, 2 White bands, 1 Metallic Silver band, 1 Metallic Gold band

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    YOU GET - 6 CodeAlchemy™ Wristbands, 9 Quantum Healing Codes, PLUS Color Meanings and Attributes.

    Each bundle includes:

    •  6 CodeAlchemy™ Wristbands

    •  An explanation of the Code on the Wristband

    •  4 Color Quantum Healing Codes - one for each color in the bundle

    • 4 Color Attributes Quantum Healing Codes - one for each color in the bundle

    •  Downloadable User Guide

    •  Storage Bag

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