Spirit Bodies Integration works on 3 Energy Bodies, Spiritual… Mental…. Emotional, to clear and integrate them with the Physical… and with each other.
Energy blocks in one layer WILL block the flow, and ability to create, in all other layers. It is vital to clear and integrate the layers to work in sync with YOU… and for your highest good.


1Hour SBI Training Module - mp3

PLUS BONUS: SimpleTools™ MindMap Tutorial - mp3

Spirit Bodies Integration

$27.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
  • How Advanced is This Training:

    • Anyone can DO and BENEFIT from this training. If you are new to energy work it is recommended you take breaks to allow for integration…remember, any energetic change requires ‘time’ to show up in the physical.
    • Experienced energy workers… feel free to do as you are guided.

    Here's what you'll learn:

    • Find Your Space
    • Set Your Intention
    • Create a Reading Screen
    • Defining Energy Bodies & Spiritual Resolution
    • Working with the Spiritual Body
    • Noticing what you Notice… How Do YOU ‘SEE’


    • Working with the Mental Body
    • Signal Flow thru the Spiritual Energy System
    • Matching Pictures
    • Powering the Mental Body
    • Scanning the Physical Body for changes/ sensations.


    • Working with the Emotional Body
    • The interconnection between the bodies
    • Working with ROSES - Roses are powerful and versatile tools… this is just ONE application
    • Releasing of Energy
    • Sending out a HELLO


    • Working with the Chakras
    • Activating the Chakras
    • Clearing ’pictures’… [closing Tabs] from the Mental Body
    • Cleaning up your Reading Screen…
    • Blowing ROSES


    • Working with one type of energy gauge
    • Spirit Bodies Integration Technique
    • Recognizing YOU the Spirit
    • Closing up the Session

    The Simple Tools™ MindMap [mp3] is an energy exercise consisting of four energy tools designed to be used together….

    Simply listen to the exercise to learn the tools… AND you can listen to it as often as you like.

    It only takes seconds to ‘turn the tools on’ and ‘get them working’.

    Once you’ve practiced the tools, you can use them throughout your day…anytime…. anywhere…. as often as u feel necessary. They’ll help you be more focused, and help you not become part of all the chaos and drama we’re faced with on a daily basis.
    They’ll help you keep a kool head… and help you help others…

    Be sure to listen to the SimpleTools™ MindMap before you do the Spirit Bodies Integration

    Nancy Allen - Founder, Energy Trainer: YourEnergyRx.com, ActivatedByAngels.com & Neo-Alchemy Energy Circus

    Nancy is a clairvoyant, healer, & veteran audio engineer/ educator with 27+ years of experience.

    Her ability to deliver energetic concepts in a totally understandable manner makes her THE go-to instructor.

    No hippie trippy stuff here… just common-sense spirituality for the 21st Century.

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