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Nancy Allen - YourEnergyRx
Nancy Allen

Founder, Energy Trainer: & Neo-Alchemy Energy Circus

Nancy is a clairvoyant & veteran audio engineer/ educator with 27+ years of experience. She melds her Energy Work with Pro-Audio by teaching her students and clients how to find and hold their energetic space in the chaotic world of the entertainment industry.

Her ability to deliver energetic concepts in a totally understandable manner makes her THE go-to instructor.


No hippie trippy stuff here… just common-sense spirituality for the 21st century.

Debi Emerson


Founder: Wise Woman Wellness & Spiritual Seekers [FB Group]

Debbie’s 25 years of experience with seeing, reading, and working with the energetic world enables her to guide her clients in their own awakening process.​​

Her relaxed style is infectious and comforting.

Debi Emerson
Lys Campbell
Ellyssa 'Lys' Campbell

Contributor: & Neo-Alchemy Energy Circus


Lys is a gifted Intuitive who loves to 'keep it real'.  She pulls no punches when it comes to telling you that you are messed up and can use her help. I'd call her a 'life-hacker'.

We love partnering with her on projects.

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