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  • The All-Seeing Angel
  • Chamuel sees the connection between everyone and everything, & can see the location of every missing item, and the solutions to every problem.
  • His mission is the manifestation of universal peace through helping individuals attain inner peace.
  • Ask for his help to find what you are looking for…. anything you are looking for.

In the 5th-century Chamuel was identified as one of the Seraphim, which is the highest level of the choirs of angels.

He is defined as “he who sees God,” …Chamuel has omniscient vision, and he sees the connection between everyone and everything.

His mission is to bring universal peace to everyone, even when times appear the most bleak.

Chamuel uses his all encompassing vision to ensure that you and others are at peace by helping you find what you’re looking for…. including your life’s purpose; a better job or home; your right relationship; and anything, esoteric or tangible, that you request, as long as it’s in alignment with your higher self’s path.

His all-seeing vision is like a heavenly GPS that can guide you around obstacles… as long as you know how to listen to his guidance.


This activation will remove the blocks to your ‘clear sight’, and align you with Chamuel’s guidance.