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So what IS the difference between a Reading and a Healing?

My question to you is “Is there a difference between and Reading and a Healing?”

Readings and Healings are very different types of energy work.

Readings will point out and explain imbalances in a client’s space, while Healings will identify, and move out imbalances in a client’s space.

However, many times there is an overlap between those two types of work.

During the course of a Reading an anomaly may come to the surface which needs to be moved out before the session can move forward… so, here we have some healing taking place.

During a Healing a chunk of energy, or a destructive pattern of behavior, may need to be explained so the person is made aware of when they lapse into old patterns… so here we have some reading taking place.

Some clients NEED to have all the energy that pops up explained to them in order to feel like something is taking place. Other clients just want to be fixed… which won’t happen unless they take part in the process… after all… HEALER… HEAL THYSELF.

So in a nutshell, Readings and Healing are different yet can share and overlap in their scope.

So when you go to book a session with a practitioner, be aware of the scope of that modality.

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