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How your Blood Pressure helps you Create the Life You Want!

You may be wondering what High Blood Pressure has to do with what the Buddah said concerning "What We Think, We Become"... well.... 'physically' high blood pressure impedes the flow of blood to everywhere, including the brain... PLUS it puts 'stress' on the heart.

The heart is our second brain. When we're stressed we go into Fight or Flight mode which drives our attention into our limbs so we can get away from the 'danger'.

In past times the 'danger' was a bear or wild cat, or village invader. Stress also takes our attention away from all things intuitive, psychic. We lose sight of our thoughts. Our thoughts drive our experiences to tell the universe 'what we want'. Unlike the past, where our stresses were infrequent and fleeting, in today's world stress is constant.... It's like a never ending low-level buzz, or a constant ringing in our ears. We can only tell the universe what we want when we are out of stress.

Whatever we feed with our energy, by putting our attention on it, the universe thinks we are asking for. The universe's job, it's only job, is to deliver what we ask for. Therefore it is imperative that if we want a better life, we MUST KEEP our attention on the way we want things TO BE, rather than focusing on how we perceive they ARE.

So... by regulating your Blood Pressure to keep you out of Stress enables you to calmly focus on the way you want your life TO BE... and THAT is where YOU want to be.

Like the Buddah said, "What We Think, We Become".....Have a great day.

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