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Quantum Healing Code Sessions

> which type do you prefer <

1 on 1 Personal Code Session

In-person session held LIVE on Zoom video platform.

This session is all about YOU... A Personal Code Session produces multiple codes for which the energetic meanings are researched...  we then install the codes together.
**A session typically includes energy tools training as well.**

Following your session you receive a written report outlining everything we did.

 As with all energy work, YOU are the one making the changes to your energetic space... My job is to facilitate the session by translating your concerns and desires into questions that will trigger an Assisting Frequency to come forth for your highest good.

I look forward to helping you find your Assisting Frequencies.

1hour LIVE Session
Only $123

Email-based Code Session

2-code email sessions

If you're not ready for a live face to face session, or just want to try out a personalized code session, then an email session might be right for you.

  • Book a 2-code session

  • Complete and return the questionaire we send you

  • Wait for your codes to come back with full explanation of the meanings.

    • Many times more that 2 Codes will emerge and be installed during this session

  • I will be 'energetically installing' the codes on your behalf.

  • If any ongoing 'reinforcement' is indicated you will be instructed on how to do that... [ it's easy... water, oil, crystals, or wrist reader may be indicated as 'code carriers'...]



I look forward to helping you find your Assisting Frequencies.

2Code Email Session
Only $33
30minute LIVE Session
Only $63



Wear Your Code!

This is CodeAlchemy™.

This Silicone Wristband carries the power of the Grounding & Motivation Code 77889903 on the inside of the band where it can be delivered directly to your body without even thinking about it.


Grounding & Motivation Amplifies your ability to FOCUS, Boosts CONFIDENCE, and Releases your FEAR BLOCKS.

<works great for kids and pets>

[11 Colors to choose from]

Wristband dutch header.png

Do You Love Chakras?

It's HERE....

The CodeAlchemy™ Wristband CHAKRA BUNDLE!


10 Wristbands...

18 Codes....

...and the Power of the

Grounding & Motivation Code

right on your wrist.


Buy for Yourself,

or Give Some to Loved Ones!

WRISTBAND Chakra Bundle 2[silver bonus]

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• Make ONE purchase and get ONE FREE CodeAlchemy™ Wristband

• Purchase TWO things and get TWO FREE CodeAlchemy™ Wristbands

• Purchase THREE things and get THREE FREE CodeAlchemy™ Wristbands....

...see how this works...

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•• NOTE: Your BONUS Wristband(s) will be Black ••

     (and the Wristband shipping is on us)

*** NOTE: • Free Shipping to the US and Puerto Rico

                 • International Shipping calculated at checkout

wristband blk pink.JPG

Celebrating the Archangels for Easter

Each 4-Archangel Collection

ONLY $77  (reg. $97)


The BIG THREE Collection

The WISDOM Collection



The PROTECTION Collection

The HEALING Collection

Each Collection includes:

BONUS Archangel Sandalphon Bundle

[That's 4 Archangels per Collection]

> Special pricing good thru May 1, 2019 <

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