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Explaining Your CodeAlchemy™ Wristband
 •• TWO Codes to Choose From ••
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Grounding & Motivation

Grounding & Motivation, 77889903, has proven, time and time again, to be effective in promoting GROUNDING, CALM, and FOCUSED INTENTION, all necessary for anyone who strives to be a competent creator, or just feel more grounded in these uncertain times.


  •     I have athletic clients who cannot explain why they perform better while wearing the Grounding & Motivation Wristband.

  •     I’ve had reports from moms that their kids become calm and focused while wearing this wristband.

  •     I have clients who swear that wearing 77889903 kept them from suffering hangovers, which, for them, were ‘the norm’.

  •     And, while I have no scientific data to prove this, I have clients, suffering from a number of mental and psychological disorders, who claim this Wristband has helped them feel more ‘normal’.

  •     I myself have always felt an immediate calm, and amplified grounding while wearing 'Grounding & Motivation', as well as unbridled focus, motivation, and amplification of my creativity.

  •     And the Black wristbands, especially, are like energy Draino.

  •     I run this Code every day




Brain Stabilization

778899003 is a Quantum Healing Code that comes from the Energy Balancing by Numbers Codes dowsed by Lloyd Mear.  Brain Stabilization Amplifies your ability to FOCUS, Boosts CONFIDENCE, and Releases your FEAR BLOCKS, and brings all systems into balance.
It’s a code I run every single day. It is so powerful.

I have a 13 yr old cat who was born blind, is now deaf, and began having seizures last spring.  She was so incapacitated I thought I would have to put her down.  She couldn’t stand up.  She couldn’t find her bowls to eat or drink.  And forget about using the litter box.  When I discovered 778899003 I decided to try it out on her.  I mean, she has no preconceived notion of what i’m saying, so she’s the perfect subject to try this code out on.  I’d walk around the house holding her, so she could feel the vibration of my voice,  while reciting the Code for about 10 minutes per day and imagining the Code entering her energy field and body.  OMG, within 5 days she stood up and was able to find her food and water.  She’s no longer falling over, though she still has a bit of head-tilt, and she meows me a ‘hello’ immediately when I enter the room. She has also found the food bowls of my other cats, and joins them for meals.  This is something she had never done before.  She is lucid again.  This is a different cat, and if I hadn’t seen it for my self I wouldn’t have believed it.

I run 778899003 every single day for myself and my cats.


This excerpt reprinted from the Energy Balancing by Numbers Training Manual.
Energy Balancing by Numbers Codes were dowsed by Lloyd Mear.

(Lloyd Mear says)
The brain stabilize number 778899003 will activate and utilize about 3% more in your brains.  Most of us use about 12% of our brain, and if you use this number, you may find that you are using about 15%.

(Phyllis Mear (Lloyd’s wife) says)
778899003 brings all the systems into order, your nervous, your digestion, and so on .
If they are out there, it will bring them all right back in. When I had my stoke, Lloyd walked in and started mumbling that number, and then I took over and kept repeating that number, and when the doc walked in Lloyd just said, “don't worry doc, later I'll tell you all about it”, and 10minutes later I was fine.

(Lloyd Mear says)
Yes, she (Phyllis) came right out of the stroke and it just faded away. One thing about these numbers is that they have a shelf life of forever.







Your silicon CodeAlchemy™ Wristband is imprinted with either the Grounding & Motivation OR Brain Stabilization Code on the inside of the band where it can be “read” by your body.  This is the same principle water utilizes as it “reads” and absorbs a Code that is taped around a water bottle.

• Wear the Wristband on your 'NON-DOMINANT' wrist.
• If you are right-handed, wear on your LEFT wrist.
• Left-handed, wear on your RIGHT wrist.

That's all there is to it.  The fact that you have put your attention on acquiring the band automatically sets your intention for the Code to activate.

The Codes are gentle.  You cannot wear this band too long. Once your energetic system has reached full capacity the Code will become dormant, then automatically reactivate when you need another boost.

Wear it in the shower, to the gym, even while you sleep. And unlike other popular health bands, this CodeAlchemy™ Wristband emits NO HARMFUL ELECTRICAL current. Its gentle power comes from the energy carried by the numeric code.

AND... You can wear multiple wristbands at the same time if you feel especially in need... I typically wear 2... again... you can NOT get too much.

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Thanks a Bunch
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