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Time to Fill

  Your Energy Rx

Change your Energy... Change Your Life


Law of Attraction Tee
Get an
Energy Check
1-on-1 Coaching
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Level of Consciousness Reading


A fresh take on meditation, inspired by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Carolyn Myss, and others...

This is 'ACTIVE' Meditation.

Led by Master Energy Trainer Nancy Allen.

Make a date to Rewire Your Brain, Open Your Heart, Clear Your Chakras,

and Create the Life of Your Dreams

...and, of course, we will support the meditation with Quantum Healing CODES.

Only $11.95 per session

Create$$$ - Release Fear - Release Stress



Wear Your Code!

This is CodeAlchemy™.

This Silicone Wristband carries the power of the Grounding & Motivation Code 77889903 on the inside of the band where it can be delivered directly to your body without even thinking about it.


Grounding & Motivation Amplifies your ability to FOCUS, Boosts CONFIDENCE, and Releases your FEAR BLOCKS.

<works great for kids and pets>

[11 Colors to choose from]

Wristband dutch header.png

Wear Your Code!!

The CodeAlchemy™ Wristband STAR BUNDLE!


6 Wristbands...

9 Codes....

...and the Power of the

Grounding & Motivation Code

right on your wrist.


Buy for Yourself,

or Give Some to Loved Ones!

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Check out How a Simple Wristband

saved the Week with my Brother

CLEAR™ Healing

Are you ready for an Energy CLEAR™ing?






Typical sessions include:

  • Clearing and reestablishing your grounding

  • Clearing your energy channels

  • Re-booting your aura by removing and repairing anomalies that are not yours, or that no longer serve you

  • Resetting your energy to facilitate clear vision and renewed enthusiasm

All LIVE Sessions performed over ZOOM

Nancy Allen says,

"All Illness begins...

and ends... energetically"

Quantum Healing
Code Sessions

"If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Nikola Tesla 

Are you letting your fear-based thoughts & emotions disrupt your energy flow and well-being?


We 'play' many harmful 'programs' given to us through our childhood and genetics.

You’re not alone.


The Healing Codes are quantum-based numeric sequences which 'carry' an energetic blueprint.  Each blueprint brings with it a particular set of qualities which trigger a healing response allowing you to connect with and 'match' the flow of Universal good, perfect health, and abundance.


There are thousands of these codes.

I'm Nancy Allen, a Certified Anahata Code, Energy Balancing by Numbers, & Divine Healing Codes Practitioner,  and Clairvoyant, with over 30 years of experience in the Healing Arts and Energy Training.


During a 1 on 1 session with me, we pull and install codes to address your personal Concerns & Desires.

Whatever issue you face...

        >> There's a Code for That <<


Quantum Healing Code Sessions

1 on 1 Personal Code Session

In-person session held LIVE on Zoom video platform.

This session is all about YOU... A Personal Code Session produces multiple codes for which the energetic meanings are researched...  we then install the codes together.
**A session typically includes energy tools training as well.**

Following your session you receive:

  1. a RECORDING of the session - [For both 1hr session & 30 minute session]

  2. a TRANSCRIPT of the session - [1hr sessions only]

 As with all energy work, YOU are the one making the changes to your energetic space... My job is to facilitate the session by translating your concerns and desires into questions that will trigger an Assisting Frequency to come forth for your highest good.

I look forward to helping you find your Assisting Frequencies.

1hour LIVE Session
Only $123
30minute LIVE Session
Only $63
Have you been
Activated by Angels
  • An Angel Activation is a Quantum Healing event that triggers a change in our mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies.

  • An Angel Activation is gentle and delivered with love.


  • This series works specifically with the Archangels.

  • Each Archangel has their own specialty... or 'job description’, so you can find exactly the help you are looking for.

>> Seasonal Pricing Special!!! <<

Spirit Bodies Integration

'Creating & Merging Spirit Body Energies'

Energy blocks in one layer WILL block the flow, and ability to create, in all other layers.

Clear and Integrate

Your Energy Bodies NOW...

• One Hour Training Session

• Video & downloadable Audio Instruction

• Works with 3 of our Energy Bodies

• Clears and Integrates Energy Bodies with the Physical… and with each other

• Teaches energy tools you can use every day

• Repeat the Training Over and Over to clear Even MORE Junk

• Learn from THE Go-To Energy Trainer... Nancy Allen

Only $27

"SimpleTools™ For

Surviving a Chaotic World"

Now is the TIME to drive your own Destiny

  • Do you sometimes feel Stressed or Overwhelmed...

  • Do you find yourself ‘snapping’ at people and then thinking...  “Where did THAT come from... That wasn’t ME”...

  • Is your health LESS than you’d like it to be...

  • Do you just think “What is WRONG with me?”...

Perhaps it’s just the way you
Manage Your Energy...
Entire Personal Energy Management Course
Only $47
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