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It's Time to Make a Change

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 1 on 1

Quantum Healing Code Sessions

We 'play' many harmful 'programs' given to us through our childhood and genetics.

The Anahata Codes & Energy Balancing by Numbers Codes are quantum-based numeric sequences which 'carry' an energetic blueprint allowing you to connect with and 'match' the flow of Universal good, perfect health, and abundance.

YOUR Concerns... YOUR Desires...

Performed in-person via video chat.


Sessions only $111
Sessions only $57




Energy Training Course

Personal Energy Management System

  • If you sometimes feel Stressed or Overwhelmed...

  • If your health is LESS than you’d like it to be...

  • If you just think “What is WRONG with me?”...

Entire Personal Energy Management Course Only $47


Email-based Quantum Healing Code Sessions

2 Code Sessions thru Email

If you're not ready for a live face to face session, or just want to try out a code session, then an email session might be right for you.

  • 2 code session


  • Complete and return the questionnaire we send you


  • Wait for your codes to come back with full explanation of their meanings, and instructions on how to reinforce if indicated.

2Code Session only $33



Next Level Sound Healing

If you love the Codes, you'll LOVE Sonicodes™...

Developed by Sound Engineer & Master Energy Trainer Nancy Allen, Sonicodes™ delivers the Codes directly to your body thru the use of specialized tuning forks, and can be listened to any time... any where.

Only $11 per Title


Archangel Activations

An Angel Activation is a Quantum Healing event that triggers a change in our mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies.


  • Archangel Activation MP3

  • Archangel Bio

  • BONUS MP3 - Quantum Sound Healing Code [Sonicodes™]

  • BONUS MP3- Quantum Numeric Healing Code [Guided Installation]

  • PLUS... BONUS - Energy Training Module...

Activations only $33each
[BONUS activation
with first purchase]




[Four Energy Tools

to use Every Day]

The SimpleTools™ MindMap is a FREE set of simple energy tools which help you be a conscious, intentional creator of your world.

Once you've listened to the audio, you can integrate this set of tools into your daily life seamlessly... anytime... anywhere.

>> Your FREE Gift <<
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