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Energy Check

An Energy Check seeks out energy that is negatively affecting you.

  • 15 min
  • 29.97 US dollars
  • Online Session via Zoom

Service Description

* Energy Check Duration - 15 minutes 📖 WHAT IS AN ENERGY CHECK? > An Energy Check is a form of meditation used to find energy which is affecting you. > Nancy will be ‘looking’ at your energetic space to find energy that is not yours, or no longer serves you… as well as other anomalies that keep you unbalanced. > During the Energy Check these energetic anomalies are pointed out and made ready for release or re-balancing. > For those of you who already practice self-healing, an Energy Check is the perfect way to get a ‘second opinion’ as to the disruptive energies in your space. You can then utilize your chosen healing protocol to do the healing work on yourself. *** This is NOT a Healing Session… *** 🚪 If you do not have a personal healing protocol, or want a neutral third party to perform the healing work, you can book a healing session with Nancy as a followup. 🔍 WHAT COULD WE FIND DURING AN ENERGY CHECK? Energy Checks can uncover anomalies in Grounding, Auras, Chakras, Energy Channels, ability to Create and Retain your creations, plus we all unknowingly carry around foreign energy [which is detrimental to our energy health], but things we find during an Energy Check can include: • Rips • Tears • Discolorations • How efficient your grounding is • How efficient is your ability to bring fresh energy IN • Stored energies which are NOT YOURS • Stored Emotions which hold you back • Societal considerations which keep you from healing • A disconnect from your Akashic Records • Displaced positioning of energy attributes • Cracked or twisted Chakras or Energy Channels • Beings • Holes • Vortexes • Varying textures such as: tar, dense rubber, broken glass, sand, stickiness, impermeability, and more. • Lack of light • Lack of movement, or irregular, detrimental movement We are energetically like an onion… once we uncover and repair an anomaly another layer comes to the surface. Our energetic health is an ongoing process… just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. 💣 Energy Checks highlight those energies that are ready to be released or re-balanced NOW… be assured… more energies will come to the surface as you continue to clear your space.

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