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Join Nancy Allen & Debbie Emerson for:


3-Days of Codes & Clearing

Fri-Sat-Sun... September 20, 21 & 22

@ 1pm Pacific Time.

(4 pm Eastern, 3 pm Central & 2 pm Mountain)
You'll get THREE hours of clearing

for ONLY $7.

JUST $7 for all three days

[Replays for all three Days]

Coming Soon

Downloadable Workshop



Are you ready to Clear some Karma?
Do you have fears or anxiety you cannot explain?
Are there people who just rub you the wrong way?
Are you just feeling stuck?

Karma has held the mysteries of Life & Re-Life for eons.
In this Masterclass we take a look at the energetic components of Karma, and where we fit in to this ‘destiny & fate’ driven scenario.

Join me as we:
• identify our Personal Karmas
• utilize powerful energy techniques to clear those Karmas
• install rebalancing Codes to support those clearances

M.W. says: GREAT SESSION. Nancy said we can even clear karma with something we love, so I did.  I can’t believe how emotional it was. My roses continued to change during the whole session.




“The Electric YOU…” delivers Quantum Healing Codes programmed to step up your energy and propel you toward becoming a Manifesting Machine

This Bundle begins with a video explaining Healing Code Technology in easy to understand terms.

This Bundle is full of Quantum Healing Codes designed to:

• Supercharge your Intuition
• Shatter the Boundaries of your Knowingness
• Rev-up your Personal Power
• Dig Deep into your Primal Essence

I’ll be right there to guide you through the Code ‘installs’.

Then… it’s time for Sound Healing!  

Sonicodes™…. This powerful technology utilizes specialized tuning forks to deliver the Codes directly into your energetic space by bypassing your Ego Mind allowing the Codes to do their job…. after all, it’s Just Sound… or is it?

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