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A Week with my Brother

I am constantly amazed at the power of these coded wristbands.  My most recent experience was when my good-hearted, bipolar brother came to stay for a week.

A bit of background….  My brother's verbal delivery to others, from his perspective, is simply enthusiasm.  But if you are on the receiving end of his conversations the energy is aggressive, abrasive, abusive,  belittling, and comes at your like a machine gun.  Throughout his life he has consistently reduced my mother, and his wife, to tears.  The last time he visited me I sent him packing in less than one hour, so you will appreciate my concern for his most recent visit. But this time I have a secret weapon to try out… my CodeAlchemy™ Wristband.

I’d been wearing a 77889903 [Grounding & Motivation] wristband for a few weeks before his visit.  As I picked him up from the airport I ‘checked in’ with myself for any signs of elevated stress… none.  The purpose for my brother’s visit was to help me with some heavy maintenance at my house… which meant that we’d be working closely on each task.  By the end of Day One I felt great.  He was still the same with regard to his language and delivery, but I was not being effected by it.  I gave him a wristband, just ‘matter of factly’, which he ended up wearing for the remainder of his visit.  His demeanor and verbal delivery softened.  AMAZING!

To sum up the week….
•  The wristband I wore eliminated my usual stress when with him.
•  The wristband HE wore nearly eliminated his outbursts, and softened his verbal delivery.

We had a great week.  I ended up sending another wristband home with him to pass on to his wife.

What can these CodeAlchemy™ Wristbands do for YOU?

As a thank you, here's a

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