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Wear Your Code!

This is CodeAlchemy™.

This Silicone Wristband carries the power of the Brain Stabilization Code 77889903 on the inside of the band where it can be delivered directly to your body without even thinking about it.


Brain Stabilization Amplifies your ability to FOCUS, Boosts CONFIDENCE, and Releases your FEAR BLOCKS.

<works great for kids and pets>

[11 Colors to choose from]

Wristband dutch header.png

Do You Love Chakras?

It's HERE....

The CodeAlchemy™ Wristband CHAKRA BUNDLE!


10 Wristbands...

18 Codes....

...and the Power of the

Brain Stabilization Code

right on your wrist.


Buy for Yourself,

or Give Some to Loved Ones!

WRISTBAND Chakra Bundle 2[silver bonus]

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Check out How a Simple Wristband

saved the Week with my Brother


  in the Online Shop 


  • Why not Learn to Release Fear...

  • Release Intrusive Energy...

  • Connect with an Angel Companion

•• ALSO ••

 CodeAlchemy™ Wristband Bundle Prices are 

*Ridiculously Slashed*

[discounts good thru April 30, 2020]
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